Tu Yong, chairman of the Association of East addre
"Scientific development, innovation management, promotion of city air industry又好fast development efforts," Tu Yong, president of the East in the city, chairman of aerodynamic trade associations on the first two members of the General Assembly the report
Leaders, ladies and gentlemen, members, and comrades:
     Today, we pneumatic industry colleagues gathered happily together again, solemnly held pneumatic Yueqing City, the first two members of trade associations the General Assembly. First of all, please allow me, on behalf of Yueqing aerodynamic trade associations to visit today to the leadership of the General Assembly, ladies and gentlemen and all members expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks!
     Now, I commissioned by the session of the Board, a work report to the General Assembly, for your consideration.
     1, 2006 Main Review
     During the past year, since the founding of the Association is the most arduous tasks of the year, the party committees at all levels, the Government under the correct leadership of the City Civil Affairs Bureau, the specific Quality Supervision Bureau under the guidance of members of units in the warm support and cooperate with the And earnestly implement the scientific concept of development, firmly grasp the Association of political direction, adhere to serve as business services, government services, to serve the public purpose, to play a role of bridge and tie, vigorously promote industrial restructuring and efforts to improve product quality And technical level, actively explore the international cities, due to the work and achieved industry recognition.
    (A) industry sustained and steady growth of economic indicators
     2006 at the national macro-control policies, under the guidance of the economy to maintain high growth and low inflation developments in the good, the host of industrial machinery industry continued to develop steadily, as Qidongyeya sealed the healthy development of industry created a good opportunity. 2006 industry-wide total industrial output value of 2.6 billion yuan, an increase of 24 percent sales revenue 2.4 billion yuan, an increase of 11 percent of total import and export of 400 million yuan, an increase of 13 percent; convergence good marketing, product sales rate was 97.43 Percent increase in overall economic efficiency, increase over the previous year. Cylinders, fittings, solenoid valves, air preparation of the occupation of 30 per cent market share, but also exported to the United States, South Korea, South Africa, Spain, Canada and Southeast Asian countries.
       However, raw materials, energy, human capital and land remain tight, the situation is not optimistic, pneumatic industrial city in the country's overall position on the edge of the total. City to small enterprises, small products, parts and components based on the type of midfield and more products, fewer end products, complete sets of products in particular, fewer large-scale equipment, products of small, the size of the business of small, low barriers to entry, While small boat U-turn good, but small boats often can not withstand the winds and waves, which is restricted city aerodynamic lines又好fast development of one of the reasons; increasingly fierce market competition, product inventory and accounts receivable rising, Funds tensions rise in the cost of financing and also hindered the development of unemployed又好fast.
     (B) of the CCTV "Focus Interview" exposed as an opportunity to enhance the quality of project implementation
      July 20, 2006, CCTV, "Focus Interview" Exposure of the city electrical industry decompression starter quality problems, the disclosure of the Zhejiang Juhua Electric Company products serious quality problems and potential safety problems. From the Council attaches great importance to the enterprises and 100 times more alert. Association immediately convened an emergency meeting to deploy the quality of rectification work to electrical giant, as a mirror, grasping giving top priority to industrial rectification, and conscientiously carry out the quality of industry self-inspection and self-rectification. We respond positively to the call of the municipal government, to meet in order to seize the city quality supervision, promote the quality, quality inspection and quality of rectification work. And the purchase of the necessary equipment to establish testing station, substandard products do not guarantee the flow of the market. With the city quality supervision and do a good job Shi Benji aerodynamic production enterprises product quality sampling, sampling a total of 20 production enterprises cylinder, with a pass 17, failed three, a pass rate of 85 percent, electromagnetic valve 19, 12 qualified , And seven failed, the pass rate of 63 percent.
     (C) the organization of training and group participation, improve the overall quality of industry
      1, for the unemployed to enhance the management level of enterprises, associations in October 2006, December, in April 2007 with the Chinese National People's Congress Business School, Wenzhou entrepreneurs associations, non-party personages Leqing in Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel Association, the new Yueqing Century Hotel, Yueqing Theatre, Xu Yulin invitation of the Chinese People's University, Professor Jin Zhengkun by the "business performance management to the managers of the overall solution", "Business entrepreneurs ceremony that" public lecture. September 16, 2006, the World Association and the Shanghai Information Technology Development Center to the New Century Hotel Yueqing held, "the Yangtze River Delta Marketing Summit Forum", 57 member companies 148 CEOs and marketing elite player to listen to the voice of wisdom feelings Masters , To promote scientific management of modern enterprises to provide education establishments.
      2, send delegations to attend the air industry efforts to enhance the image of Yueqing
      Air industry to promote the exchange and promoting the city and the economic and trade exchanges between domestic and foreign merchants, brands and corporate image shape to enhance the visibility of Yueqing pneumatic industry, the Association in October 2006 the Chinese delegation took part in the hydraulic pneumatic seals Industry Association At the Shanghai International Exhibition Centre in Asia organized by the International Fluid Power Transmission Technology Exposition and Control (PTC). February 23, 2007 on the organization groups 42 member companies participating in Yueqing Industrial Fair 2007, four enterprises in Wenzhou of international exhibitors and the high and low voltage power electrical appliances exhibition, a business exhibition in Guangzhou mechanical transmission and control of the exhibition.
     (D) enhance the sense of service, and do practical things for the member companies
     Association member family, business and government communication is the bridge between the Association of Member Services for the purpose of the Association is the starting point and destination point and do a good job Association services, mainly to grasp the following aspects:
     1, to further promote Yueqing pneumatic industries, expanding the market for member companies build platform for marketing throughout the country to provide aerodynamic product procurement tool, the Association of the limited funds invested 50,000 yuan in the editing and publishing "Yueqing aerodynamic Encyclopaedia" Free for members of units on enterprise information.
     2, always concerned about business development in the hot and difficult, as far as possible to help the enterprises overcome the practical difficulties. Individual members in enterprise production and management problems, the Association is always actively come forward with relevant departments in consultation and communication. Asked them for their support and understanding, so that many problems can be resolved, and safeguarding the interests of member enterprises. ,
     (5) to the Association itself and constantly improve the level of work
     Over the past year, the Association to strengthen the self-construction, the establishment of the Association meeting, the Convention on the learning systems and services, achieve major study by the Council decided, president of the whole year has held two meetings, members of the six, all members of the 1st. Association members based services, and safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of members of the aim of developing and strengthening the Association of force. Along with the functions and role of the Association of play and further intensify the publicity to the association's cohesion and social influence continuously enhance the association after the establishment of 13 new member companies.
     Since the founding of the Association, as the joint efforts of the entire membership, we explored in practice, in the course of exploration, and achieved certain results. On the occasion, on behalf of the Council to all member companies and associations to support the work of leaders at all levels and comrades to express my sincere thanks!
     Second, the need to work at the major issues and direction
     In affirming the achievements, we are also clearly see that the aerodynamic work with the Association of Municipal Party Committee and the city's requirements and expectations compared to the general membership, there are still many gaps.
     (A), requires constant innovation. The future should strengthen communication, enhance investigation and timely industry reflect the common understanding and always pay attention to help enterprises solve their practical difficulties.
     (B) the industry is to support the host, host market development and technological progress, and the industry are closely linked. Society should strengthen contact with the host users, pay close attention to developments in the hosting industry, taking the initiative to customer service.
     (C) deal with energy and raw materials prices, rising labor costs, shrinking corporate profits lack of space means.
     (D) inability to self-unemployed, low-priced products has yet to effectively curb Jingxiao; counterfeit and inferior quality products such as the problem still exists.
     (E) of the Association of seriously inadequate. As the face gradual deepening of the Association, the Association of various types of training, events, meetings, publicity, information requires a large amount of funds invested, rely solely on contributions to all members of the work, need a higher level departments and the strong support of the general membership.
      Third, the Association of ideas for future work
      This is the future of China's reform and opening up a critical period, non-public economy is booming period of strategic opportunities, the association will continue to adhere to the "Member Services" the fundamental purpose, do more practical work, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, to promote the city gas又好fast moving industry development efforts.
     (A) strengthen service concepts, increase the overall level of service Association
      Services Association is the legislature of the country, and to enhance service concepts and sense of innovation, "services for their members, to serve the community" as the fundamental task of the Association, and continuously improve the service functions of the Association, the Association of efforts to improve service levels. To do a good job for the members of the economic services, the city should make full use of marketing information network organizational advantages, give full play to the role of regional economic cooperation mechanisms in the economic and trade cooperation, expand the international market, and so difficult to resolve the financing of SMEs do more solid work; To defend their right to legal services, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members; Information Service to do a good job, do a good job of information resources development and utilization of information to play the function and role for member companies to provide fast policy, science and technology, industry-oriented and Market information and other services at home and abroad; have to do a good job in education and training services, training, knowledge management training, economic and legal knowledge training, to do more work. While doing a good job on the basis of traditional services, to further develop the new service areas, explore new forms of service.
     (B) to further strengthen the quality supervision guidance
      Compressed air for pneumatic technology is medium and a driving force to drive and control of mechanical expertise. Because of its energy-saving, efficient, pollution-free, the structure is relatively simple, safe and reliable use of the advantages, and is widely used in various industries, especially the industrial automation field, in the modernization drive plays an increasingly important role. Air Products, the market prospects are broad, upgrade the quality of space, brand development has the potential to accelerate the development of a base. We need to foster industry-wide implementation of brand-name, quality upgrading works to fight a quality, brand lift the battle, so I occupied products industry more market share at home and abroad. We must closely with relevant functional departments, and standardize management industry, comprehensively improve the quality of products unemployed; unemployed strengthen the role of self-discipline, and unemployed overall level of product quality has improved markedly. Increased capital input and technical transformation, creating conditions for the establishment of enterprise product testing station, stop the flow of poor-quality products market. Efforts to achieve the city's quality supervision within two years, the provincial quality supervision checks and stability in the mass index more than 90 percent in five years and stability in more than 95 percent of the target.
     (C) to guide enterprises for independent innovation, and cultivate brand
      Enhance the capability of independent innovation, to adjust the product structure, cultivating influential well-known brands, is currently the healthy development of enterprises at the centre 51. We must actively for the member companies upgrade, technological innovation, matchmaking, brand-name products for enterprise reporting, well-known trademarks, Mianjian product services. Guide enterprises from the constraints of the current plight of factors of production, energy saving and strive to enhance the ability of independent innovation, awareness, ideas, systems, technology and brand, and other aspects of a breakthrough.
     (D) to strengthen Xuan self-discipline, standardize trade act.
      Association of industry self-regulation is an important function. We need to strengthen credit management industry, competition in accordance with the law, legitimate competition and eliminate the expense of product quality and product life to reduce product costs, strictly in accordance with standards, technical documents, drawings production to meet the relevant government departments, increase of fake and shoddy products The crackdown, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of unemployed. Actively guide enterprises to accelerate the pace of reform and take the road of mergers and joint enterprises, give full play to advantages, bigger and stronger air industry.
     (5) further improve the quality of their own associations.
      First of all associations to strengthen the building of leading bodies, raise staff awareness of the law and operational level, maintain close ties with member companies, enterprises investigation and study, strengthen the institutionalization of the Association building, improving rule-based, efficient motor ability.
      Second, we must continue to expand coverage of the members strengthen efforts to publicize and implement the "active and prudent, voluntary," members of the development of principles, to attract new members, team members grow and improve the coverage of the members.
      The third is to strengthen the contributions paid and management. Positive contributions to the collection, enhance self-development ability of the Association, and consciously accept the oversight of the financial members.
      Members of that at present we are in a job and accelerate the development of a period of intense competition in an increasingly globalized economy of today, we should change opponents to join hands and strengthen cooperation, jointly maintain the image of Yueqing aerodynamic unemployed, independent innovation in products from top to bottom Work, make efforts in product quality, elimination of internal friction, change management concepts, change their status to the RUF, let us hold high the Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" important thinking of the great banner of unity and the general membership, emancipate our minds, practical and realistic, and When both Jin, pioneering and innovative, do solid work, in achieving "
11th Five-Year Plan "goal of the process," painstakingly created, the supply of quality, sincere service, precision industry, "go hand in hand, and create a new situation in Yueqing pneumatic industry, to build a harmonious society, promoting Yueqing又好fast economic development To make new contributions to meet the outstanding achievements of the party held 17 large and profit!
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